• Shared challenges

    The international students applying to western educational institutions in ever greater numbers represent both a needed source of campus diversity, as well as a growing challenge to admissions officers. How can schools make the most out of this double edged blade?
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  • CEIMS secure

    Grades and test scores do not directly translate across borders. Accurately interpreting student credentials and admissions documents requires familiarity with their native educational system. Click here to see how our document verification services can help you ensure that the students you admit are of the quality your institution demands.
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  • Seeing is believing

    The most effective way to assess a student is still a simple face-to-face dialogue. We've teamed up with Interview For All to offer secure video interviews with prospective students from our dozens of interview sites across China.
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The China Equitable Information Management System (CEIMS) is a China-based credentials verification service, established 10 years ago by the Ameson Foundation as a support tool to screen and verify the documents of students applying to the University of Cambridge. In its ten years of operations, CEIMS has forged partnerships with a dozen of the world’s top 50 schools, from the University of Edinburgh to the University of Melbourne. Now, the Ameson Foundation has agreed to support CEIMS to bring its services to more American educational institutions. 

“In ten years working with Ameson and CEIMS’ credentials service, we haven’t had a single problem. The results of this process are spectacular. Not just good, spectacular.”

-David Cardwell, University of Cambridge Admissions Coordinator in Greater China; Deputy Dean, Graduate School of Engineering; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.


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